Monitoring the employee behavior to prevent and minimize the risks deriving from the human factor.


HF-SecureAI is a modular and scalable platform that permits profiling user behavior using proprietary algorithms of artificial intelligence and machine learning. It follows a proactive approach: our tool prevents the attacks before they are actuated, corrects security vulnerabilities and detects anomalies, minimizing the cybersecurity risks.

User monitoring



user behavior (DIGITAL FOOTPRINT). Our solution does not violate the user PRIVACY and GDPR rules, all data remains inside the enterprise perimeter and no information is supplied about the single user.

User Profiling

MACHINE LEARNING and ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE algorithms to divide the users into homogeneous groups and model the NORMAL behavior within the group.

Anomaly Detection

Anomaly ALERTS on the employer behavior, with different levels of RISK. We reduce the number of FALSE ALARMS thanks to user profiling in homogeneous groups.


Querying the data on the search engine provided by Elastic Search, which is scalable for thousands of employers.

Works even in the case of missing data.


HFSecure-AI consists of a server APP to be installed on the entreprise server or in the CLOUD and a very light client APP to be installed on the employees’ PCs.

App client running in background

HFSecure-AI Client

APP Client easily installable on employee PCs.

This app monitors employees’ behavior using data collected from heterogeneous sources (mouse, keyboard, used applications, social networks, network traffic, etc.).

The users’ PRIVACY is not violated as it is possible to monitor: all programs or only the macro-categories of programs used by the employees; the activity of each individual employee or only the statistics of a group of employees.


App server: some Dashboards with a Web interface

HFSecure-AI Server

App server can be installed on the enterprise server on a  Linux VM, on the KUBERNETES platform, or on a customized installation, if required.

Customized dashboards that permit to interactively view the behavior of different groups of employees, to monitor the usage of software and to analyze potential anomalies.

La nostra piattaforma è stata realizzata grazie anche al finanziamento concesso nell’ambito dell’iniziativa Talent Lab della Regione Calabria, POR CALABRIA FESR-FSE 2014-2020, ASSE I – PROMOZIONE DELLA RICERCA E DELL’INNOVAZIONE, Azione 1.4.1 “Sostegno alla creazione e al consolidamento di startup innovative ad alta intensità di applicazione di conoscenza e alle iniziative di spin-off della ricerca”.