Our solution: HFSecure-AI

HFactor developed a modular and scalable IT security platform addressed to the corporate world.

Using AI & ML proprietary algorithms, the platform permits the segmentation of users (company employees and customers) and the identification of specific prevention and training actions aimed to continuously minimize the risks deriving from the loss of information due to human error.

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The HFactor Security team, made up of researchers, IT engineers and experts in Cyber ​​Security and Data Analytics, has strong know-how in the technological field and in the proposal of national and European Projects; we supply consulting in different areas related to cyber security, such as:

  • Data Analytics
  • Artificial Intelligence (Deep Learning, Soft Computing, etc.)
  • Big Data
  • Behaviour Analytics  (UEBA), also for Smart Working

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Different training/advertising actions based on employee profiling:

  1. Email marketing customized by type of user.
  2. Registered online Video (youtube) and verification questionnaire.
  3. Training online with a teacher.
  4. On-site training.